5 Tips to Enjoy "Me Time" as a Mother
May 29, 2019

Moms give a lot to their children. While it is important to give your baby the essential love and care they need, no mother should forget about her own health just because she is raising a child. To raise a child is to give life. And you know they say about giving? — You can never give what you have, so until you have the good life, you cannot pass it on to your child.

Here are 5 ways you can enjoy "me time" as a mother:

1.    Silent moments- The life of a mother is a fast-paced life. As mother, your actions are not the only processes that tire you. You also engage a lot in long periods of self-doubt. Your mind is always working, and there is nothing that tires a person like a bubbly mind. Having a silent moments of deep contemplation frees your mind from worries and promotes your mental health. You don't have to be a meditation guru to enjoy the benefits of a silent moment. Just take between 10- 15 minutes thinking about nothing, just you enjoying the 'NOW' moment, your energy levels will astound you. 

2.    Exercise- Now that I have mentioned exercise, you probably think I am talking about the strenuous sessions at the gym. No. You can have simple movements and stretches in the house. You can't imagine how simple squats can impact your health. The most important thing is that you be consistent with your exercise routine. It is better to exercise for 10 minutes every day than to have one strenuous exercise for two hours once in a week.

3.    Personal care and grooming- Life as  mother can be so demanding that you forget how to take care of yourself. Taking time to apply your makeup, trim your nails, and accentuate your beauty goes along way in restoring your self-esteem which improves your mental health and personal image.

4.    A short walk in the woods- Is there any medicine more powerful than the healing potency of nature? I bet not! Nature nourishes your souls in ways only nature can. You can take a walk in the woods and let your heart dance to the rhythm of the cool breeze. The chirping of birds is a nice music to the ear and fuel for your spirit. When you come back from the woods, you will be a refreshed mom. 

5.    Listening to music- The power of music cannot be wished away. When my baby was three weeks old, my nights were sleepless, and so my days were very lethargic. Listening to Leo Rojas always energized me. It also took my mind from the hurdles of parenting, as my mind danced to the beautiful, soul-nourishing music. 


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