Stress-Free Easter to Remember!
Apr 08, 2019

Easter is almost here and with it comes the mild panic that creeps in on most moms during a holiday.  This year build quality memories the low-key way with these tips and ideas.  You and your family can then enjoy a stress-free holiday to remember!

· To Dye or Not to Dye

 We all have memories of boiled eggs and watching little colored pellets dissolve in cups of water while our mothers anxiously hovered over us with looks of impending doom on their faces.  While this is still an option, there are faster and less messy ways available to us such as egg wraps and sticker kits.  Whether your child is a super hero fan, into unicorns or more traditional images there is a kit for that!


· Sugar-Free Egg Hunts

 For many, plastic eggs are typically used for the actual egg hunt.  (We all remember that one year when 24 real eggs were hidden but only 21 were ever found.)  It is just so easy to throw some jelly beans or a mini-snickers in the egg and snap it closed but if a sugary-induced tantrum is not in your plans for the day then there are other options.  One idea is to make handwritten coupons that can be for anything. Having your bedtime moved to 15 minutes later for a night, some one-on-one time, or getting 2 books read before bedtime are all great ways to keep the memories building all year long.


· Don't Forget the Pictures

 We all have been guilty of only taking the 4 pictures of our family dressed up and smiling and then not taking another picture for the rest of the day.  Who can blame us?  There is always something to do!  But this year take this task off your plate and delegate a spouse or a child to take some pictures this holiday.  I guarantee you will be pleasantly surprised by the results.  Even if a couple of the photos have fingers in it there is always "crop."


· Skip the Dishes!

 Okay, I know those dishes aren't going to do themselves but leave them for an hour and enjoy the mellowness of your family after a big meal.  We all have that driving desire to just get the dishwasher loaded and get everything out of sight, but there is something to be said for being a little easy on ourselves occasionally.  Use this time to snuggle with your children and read them a book.  Take time to look around, take a deep breath, and be thankful for the day and everyone in it.


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