5 Easy Summer Tips for Mom
Jun 01, 2018

The sun is out and so are the kids! Everyone is excited for a break from school, but knowing what to do with all that free time is as much a struggle for mom as it is for the kids. Here are five simple tips to make summer fun for the kids and stress-free for you.

1.     Relax :  

You're already super-mom and you deserve a breather. Let them sleep in a little later once in a while and treat yourself to a couple hours doing something nice for you. You don't need to have every moment of the summer completely planned out. Give yourself and your kids time out of each week to just chill. Maybe that means an impromptu movie night, ordering in take-out or going out for ice cream as a family, but whatever it is, be sure not to overwhelm yourself or them with too strict a schedule.

2.     Have Snacks on Hand :

Now that your kids are home, they're going to be needing snacks. Busy moms don't always have time to stop and make something healthy. Ready-to-go snack packs are the solution! You and your kids can customize with pre-cut fruits and veggies, yogurt, cheese, nuts, pretzels, granola and other healthy snacks, ready to be grabbed from the fridge or pantry.

3.     Enjoy the Outdoors :

Summer means the weather is finally just right for the kids to be spending time outdoors and it's a great excuse to go on an adventure! Whether it's the zoo, a national forest, a lake, beach or river or a local campground, the whole family will benefit from some quality time outside. Grab the sunscreen and take the day to swim, play or explore!

4.     Say No to Boredom :

Lazy summer days are coming and kids are bound to cry boredom. But don't be discouraged; you and your kids can come up with fun activities to do together, such as coloring or gardening. Consider making a list of summer venues like the local pool or park and of potential play-dates. There's every reason to pass the kids to friends or family now and then so you can recharge and they can socialize. Be creative and let their imaginations run wild!

5.     Make Some Plans :

Sit down with your kids and find out some things they want to do this summer. Maybe you've been wanting to go on a family vacation for a while now. Find out what community and local events will be taking place during summer break. Have fun as a family coming up with ideas and possibilities for your summer. It will be back to school before you know it, so have a good time with the sun and your kids.


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