4 Morning Routine Hacks That'll Make You Feel Like Wonder Woman
Apr 13, 2018

Everybody knows that if mornings go smoother, the day usually goes smoother too. Moms are no exception. So if you want to buzz through your day like Wonder Woman, hack away at your morning routine with these four tips.  

1. Lay out EVERYTHING you need the night before.

An inspiring banjo player once asked Steve Martin what the secret was to playing a great banjo. Steve replied that you must keep your instrument in a convenient, easy-to-reach place where you will always see it. If you don't and you instead hide it in a closet, you simply won't play it.  

If you don't have all of your morning gear together in an easy-to-reach, easy-to-see place, then the morning flow will more like the cleanup from an afternoon pre-school Halloween party. This includes laying out clothes, hygiene items, lunches (in the front of the fridge), art projects and other homework, and whatever else is important to getting ready in a hurry.  

2. Smoothies for everyone.

If your family doesn't particularly like--or have time for--sit-down breakfast meals during busy weekdays, then fill them up with wonderful fruit and veggie smoothies. Add foods that offer lots of fiber and it will keep them feeling full until lunch.  

3. Prioritize a family schedule.

If you have five people living in your house and only one bathroom, then do, by all means, prioritize a schedule today! If Sally knows that she needs to be the first one in and out of the bathroom in the morning, then she also knows that her feet need to hit the floor first before anyone else gets up. Make a family schedule of your routine, practice it until it becomes a habit, and stick to it.  

4. Rally the troops with encouragement.

What a way to wake up! Place a note full of love and encouragement on the bathroom sink or in a child's notebook for school. Whatever motivates love around your household will keep spirits high and your morning routines stress-free. It gives a boost of "feel good" hormones and stays with you and your loved ones all day.  

Add these four routine hacks to your everyday life and get Godzilla out of your morning routine.  



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