Mom Hacks 3 Tips for Traveling with Kids
Apr 19, 2018

It's not a secret that children do not like to wait, they do not like to be told no, and they definitely do not like the process of traveling. But then again, who does? These three mom hacks will change everything you have ever known about traveling with kids.


1. Get your kids excited for the trip!


Allow your children to help with the process of planning, organizing, and preparing. Keep them up to date with potential plans, and let them know exactly how the traveling day will go. Sometimes it is even a good idea to practice the travel day routine or visit the airport, or train station, or wherever you may be traveling from. Your kids will feel involved and apart of what is going on, giving less opportunity for surprise or discomfort during the traveling process.


2. Give your kid a specific job!


Assign your child something specific to do on the traveling day, indicating that they are needed and important during the traveling experience. This will give your child a sense of pride and get them excited to be helping out. This way you can remind your kid that his or her job is very important and necessary for the travel day. You want to keep their mind occupied with positivity, hopefully preventing room for complaining or whining!


3. Lastly, positively reinforce your child!


It is so important to recognize good behavior in your kid. Pointing out your child's appropriate behavior as often as you can, by praise or reward, will draw attention to the child when they are well behaved, rather than drawing attention to them every time they are misbehaving. With that in mind, always carry some positive reinforcement with you. Whether that is your kid's favorite snack, activity, or just some love and praise, rewarding good behavior will make a world of a difference.


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