Make Reading FUN!
Jan 15, 2019

Reading is boring! Is that what you're hearing when you give new books to your kids? Reading is one of most essential skills you can encourage in kids, even pre-readers should be encouraged to enjoy reading and books. There are a few things you can do make reading fun and turn your kids into lifetime readers who love learning.

Family Time

Kids love spending time with their parents. Make daily story time family time. Bring the whole family in at bedtime and read a chapter book together, one or two chapters a night. Have everyone old enough to read the chapters participate in being the one to read the nightly chapter. Younger kids will love when they get big enough to not just listen but read to the family too!

Summer Book Club

Start your own family book or neighborhood book club in the summer. Get together several families to participate and give out stars for every book read. Give out prizes for the most books read, the most interesting book read, and most books read out loud to others.

Interactive Story Time

Kids love interacting with stories. Pick a story and plan an event around it. A book about baking cookies with grandma can turn into really baking cookies with the family. Bring a book about kids visiting the zoo to the actual zoo with you. Books about superheroes can turn into a decorate your own cape day with some cheap fabric and dollar store craft items on hand.

Gift Books

Have kids give books as gifts. When it's time to give birthday presents to Grandma, Auntie or Siblings make a day out of visiting the bookstore and having the kids pick out a book for Grandma and a book for them too! Even the smallest kids enjoy giving gifts to others, especially when they get a gift too!


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