Labor Day Weekend Activities for the Whole Family
Aug 27, 2018

Labor Day is quickly approaching which means that summertime is coming to an end. Pretty soon, the smell of coffee will overwhelm many households as excited children race around to get ready for school and groggy parents pack lunches and backpacks. Take this Labor Day weekend to have a last hurrah for the summer by doing one of these family-friendly activities!

1. Go Camping 

Break out the tent and some bug spray for one last weekend outside with the family! Enjoy the great outdoors by roasting some marshmallows by the campfire, kayaking in the lake, and sleeping under the stars. The whole family will love a weekend of warm, fresh air before it gets too chilly!

2. Hit the Beach

The sun is out, so why not soak it up one last time? Pack up a cooler with some cold drinks, sandwiches, and watermelon and set up that beach umbrella! The kids will love splashing around in the ocean and building sand castles while Mom and Dad can enjoy a nice book and the salty breeze. 

3. Go To A Baseball Game

Some local baseball teams will be getting ready to wrap up their season, so now is your chance to snag some tickets to see them play before the season ends! Enjoy the seventh inning stretch with a bag of peanuts and a hot dog while the whole family sings "Take Me Out to the Ball Game"! Make sure the kids don't forget their gloves so they are ready to catch one of those foul balls! 

4. Have a Movie Night

You don't have to break the bank in order to take the entire family to a movie. Make up some popcorn, turn out the lights, and pick a movie the whole family will love! You can even make some forts and watch the movie from your cool new fortress to add a little extra fun! Don't forget the Sour Patch Kids! 

5. Family Game Night

Nothing says family time like a night of friendly competition! Pack up a deck of cards, Uno, and Yahtzee and head to a picnic table at the park to enjoy a night of family and games! If you're looking to stay home, head out to the back deck, play some fun kids tunes, and bring out those games! 

Labor Day weekend is the perfect time to make those final summer memories with the family! Have a blast with one of these fun activities that the entire family will love! 


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