House Tips for Moms-Cleaning on a loop schedule
Feb 20, 2019


Do you want a cleaning schedule that is flexible and actually manageable with all of your other mom responsibilities?  Enter the loop schedule!  Looping your cleaning will ensure that every area of your house gets the attention it needs yet it is flexible enough to manage around volunteer commitments, doctor appointments and kids' schedules.

1.  Make a general list of your cleaning chores. Try to stay around 7-8 items so you complete your loop about every 2 weeks.  For example-upstairs floors would include vacuuming all carpets and sweeping and mopping all hard surfaces.  It is OK if you can't complete the item in one day!

2.  Type up your list on the computer and print it-or even just hand write it on a piece of notebook paper. 

3.  Put your list in a clear page protector.  This will allow you to use a dry erase marker to check off the items as you complete them.

4.  Consult your list during your cleaning time.  Feel free to skip around depending on the amount of time you have available each day to tackle cleaning. Once you have completed that item check it off.

5.  Once all your items are checked off you can wipe the sheet protector clean and start your loop again!

*Bonus looping!  Make each one of your kids a chore list as well.  They can cross off their items as they get to them and no worries if they have a busy night of activities and homework-they can complete their chores on a less busy day. 

Example tasks for your loop:  clean bathroom showers and tubs; clean bathroom mirrors, sinks, and toilets; clean upstairs floors; wipe down kitchen-microwave, cabinets, and chairs; clean downstairs floors; dust; trim (I have this on my loop schedule as dusty trim is my pet peeve so I like to clean it on a more regular basis).

Happy Loop Cleaning!


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