Tips for Moms: Ways to Make Homework Stress-free
Mar 26, 2018
Some children love to run straight home and do their homework each day, while others find it more of a chore. If your child falls into the latter group, you are not alone! Many moms fight the homework battle each night, but it doesn't always have to be a war. Here are a few tips to help make homework time less stressful:
Schedule: Try to stick to a predictable schedule each day. If your child gets into the habit of doing things at a certain time, there will be less of a scramble to finish up the work right before bed. If possible, let them take a break once they get home from school before jumping right into their homework.
Snacks: Make sure kids have a great snack before they begin their homework. Not only will a full stomach take away a potential distraction, but a healthy snack will boost brain power too.
Location: Set your child up for success by finding the best location in your home for them to work. Aim for a quiet spot, stocked with all the supplies they'll need to complete the work. Try to keep it comfortable for them as well. After all, they are at home!
Distractions: This is one of the biggest issues for kids when they arrive home from school. Once they settle in to do homework, make sure there is no TV on in the background, no access to games on tablets, and no phone time. Help children to understand that they may do these fun things only after they complete their homework.
Help: If possible, always be available to help your child if they need it. There will be a time when each child could use a little more assistance on something new. If you don't know the answer, you can help them search for it. This is also a great way to keep tabs on any subject your child is having difficulty with!
Try following these tips to decrease the after-school stress level in your home. Set your child up for success by helping them enjoy, instead of dread, homework time. If you need more homework help, check out Kids Kare Homework Club. For more information on this program

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