Multi-Purpose Car Essentials for Moms on the Move
Sep 12, 2018

With all the curricular and extracurricular activities kids are involved in these days, a mom's car can sometimes feel like a second home. And just like a home, you want your vehicle to be well-equipped without feeling cluttered. Here are five inexpensive, readily available items that will work double or triple duty to save you precious cargo space:

Wet Wipes

This mom staple can not only be used for diaper changes or cleaning messy hands and faces, but baby wipes will mop up sticky drips and dusty car dashes as competently as any household rag.

Toilet Paper

Keep a roll in your console or glove box for emergency roadside bathroom stops, which may take place outdoors or at a questionably stocked public restroom. Toilet paper is also strong enough to dab up small spills, but unlike paper towels, still gentle enough for young noses.

Beach Towel

Beach towels are most commonly used for drying off after a swim or unexpected rain, but they can also be handy for absorbing larger spills in your car. Pack a second towel to serve as a blanket, whether for a picnic at the park or a cozy backseat nap.

Grocery Bags

Disposable grocery bags will help prevent trash and dirt from piling up in your vehicle. Simply throw out the bag with all wrappers and fruit peels inside, or use one to quarantine wet/sandy/muddy belongings. (Reusable grocery bags are also an option for greener-minded moms.)

Mini Dry Erase Board with Non-Toxic Markers

Kids can entertain themselves by drawing pictures, practicing their letters, or playing games such as Hangman or Tic Tac Toe. Moms will find a portable whiteboard convenient for jotting down ideas and reminders on the go.


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