Holiday Tips: Decorating Ideas with Kids
Dec 13, 2018

How do moms get their holiday decorating done with the kids demanding to help? It's easy, let them do it.

· Give the kids ornament projects. Nothing says love more than having homemade ornaments on the tree. While mom is decorating, the kids can make ornaments. Make sure to put the year on them so when the young'uns grow up, they will have the dates to cherish the memories. 

o   Wooden clothespins, wiggle eyes, brown paint, and little red pom-poms make great handmade reindeer to hang on the tree. Spread out an old vinyl tablecloth and let them paint and glue away. Just tie a ribbon or fishing wire for hanging. For the younger children, mom may want to pre-paint the clothespins.

o   Another easy ornament for little ones is wreaths. Green bumpy chenille stems (pipe cleaners), ribbon, and red pony beads are all they will need to make a cute wreath ornament. Cut the chenille stems in half. Slide two pony beads to the skinny areas each, there are three or four sections. Twist the ends together to form a circle. Tie and glue ribbon bows at the top. Hang their wreaths with ribbon or fishing line.

· Small trees are also great busy projects. Give the kids a little tabletop tree and small ornaments. Let them be in control of decorating their own tree. Santa can even leave them a little treat under their tree.

· Letters to Santa are always a sure-fire way to give mom a moment of peace to decorate. If the child is too young to write, give them the ads and let them circle the items they want. Later, mom or dad can sit and cut out the items and put the pictures in an envelope for Santa.

o   A tradition can be started when Santa uses the backside of the letters to write a quick note to the child every year. Give the grown author those letters later, when their own child celebrates their first Christmas.

Christmas is exciting! The kids are excited to see the things tucked away most of the year. They are excited about holiday celebrations. It is inevitable; they will want to help. Give them a helping job that will keep them busy for a while.


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