Celebrate July 4th at Home: Kid Friendly Activities
Jun 15, 2018

After the sweltering morning parade and candy highs, kids will look for their next fourth of July adventure. Perhaps you have very young kids, or just are not much of an extrovert, staying home for the 4th of July can still be memorable and fulfilling.

Here are five amazing ways to rock out the fourth at home:

1. Water

July fourth is hot. Even in the north, the heat is always a factor. This means water games are a top pick for families. Slip and slides, sprinklers, water balloons, water rockets, and water guns all make for cheap and easy entertainment. Have finger friendly snacks and shade available to keep the kids cool and busy for hours.

2. Fireworks

The obvious answer for a fourth of July activity is fireworks. However, many people are not allowed to set off fireworks within city limits or even outside of them due to burn bans. There are some safe alternatives that still let kids get the thrill such as filling water balloons with pa If you cannot find anything that works for you, make sure to watch your local town or citie's display. They truly encapsulate the feeling of July 4th best.

3. Board Games

If the weather is not cooperating, being stuck indoors does not have to automatically mean everyone grabs an iPad or Xbox controller. Pull out some classic board games and make a tradition. There are games for kids as young as toddlers such as Go Fish and Twister or try your family's hand at enduring games like Settlers of Catan.

4. Crafts

Kids love art, especially when they can get messy and use their hands. Try rock painting or body painting outdoors. Decorating a picture frame to hold a photo from the festivities is another fun idea. The kids will look back at their homemade crafts in a few years and enjoy their memories.

5. Bonfire

Fire pits can be purchased pretty inexpensively and set up in even a small backyard. Nostalgia is high when the family is sitting around the fire, roasting marshmallows, and marveling at fireworks and stars. Just be sure to pour water and/or sand over your hot coals and stir them before calling it a night.

Kids Kare Schools wishes you and your family a wonderful July 4th. Check out our site for more tips and tricks for your family!


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