Four Stay-At-Home Ideas to Beat the Heat!
May 07, 2020

Summer brings with it not only heat, but summer vacation as well. With our precious little ones home from school, most just want to turn to TV and video games to keep themselves amused. However, with these four fun, indoor activities, you'll be able to bring your family together without having to venture into the heatwaves this holiday season. The best part? Some can be vacation friendly as well! So if you're staying home or traveling to a getaway, they work for you!

1.    Indoor Camping: While camping is fun, you don't always want to deal with sleeping on a rock, getting a fire started or... the bugs. Indoor camping can be a fun activity for the family to replace the heat, rocks and multi-legged friends! Set up a tent (or make a fort from blankets and chairs), bake some s'mores, and get ready to tell some great spooky stories!

2.    Makeshift Movie Theater: The movie theater has been a cornerstone of summer sun respite, but with ticket prices on the rise it isn't always the most cost effective way to beat the heat. Why not make your own instead? Pop some popcorn (for some extra fun, you can pop it in a pot and let your little ones see the magic), set up a room with pillows and chairs and select a movie. You can even see if there are projector rentals nearby, or if you want to keep this as a family tradition, check out this projector on Amazon! 

3.    Pillow Making: Pillows can be a simple and creative activity for kids. Pick up some white, cotton fabric - about $3.00 to $7.00 at a local Jo-Ann Fabrics; pillow stuffing or forms; and fabric markers, paints and stamps. Colorful threads can be used to hand-stitch the outside if your little ones are old enough, or if you have access to a sewing machine, you can pre-sew the pillows for them. Let your kids go wild with their designs! These are also easy to prep if you're traveling. Just make a little craft pack with supplies and let your youths create on the go!

4.    Tournaments & Gaming Together: Video games aren't always bad, in fact, some can even lead to career opportunities. If you have a group who enjoys video games, setting up a tournament to play with them can be exciting and even act as a bonding experience. If you're going to set up a tournament, try picking a game out as a family, that way everyone can enjoy. A few recommendations for family-friendly picks (on several consoles): Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Nintendo Switch), Mario Tennis Aces (Nintendo Switch), Overcooked (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One), Unravel 2 (PlayStation 4 & Xbox One), and JackBox Party Pack (PlayStation 4Xbox Oneand Steam/PC). This plan is also great for long car rides! It can keep your precious cargo amused for hours. 

While summer vacation can be stressful for a busy mom, these tips can make family time a cool breeze. Sometimes going outside isn't an option due to factors out of your control, and these activities are sure to please even the most bored kids.


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