Mom Tips: Music is the Magic Cure
Nov 22, 2019

Music is a universal language spoken by children and adults alike, yet it is often underutilized by moms to help achieve the many tasks that need to be completed on a daily basis. Whether you and your little ones prefer the catchy tunes of Pop music, the soothing sounds of Classical or the hard-hitting rhythms of Hip Hop, there is something undeniable about how much a good song can improve your mood and provide the motivation needed to get things accomplished. Believe it or not, listening to music could be the missing link to ensuring that every member of your family has a productive and stress free day. Seems like a simple enough concept, right? Let’s explore how this magic can work wonders for you and your tribe!

Reduce Stress During Homework Time

Even if you have yet to experience it, every mom has come to fear the dreaded “homework hour”. In many instances, it is riddled with short tempers and breakdowns in communication between mother and child, causing both parties to feel that they are at war as opposed to solving math equations. It is not a realistic expectation for a child to be able to sit in a classroom for many hours, and then sit with ease for a few more hours to complete homework assignments. Therefore, adding a music break in between subjects can be a very welcome addition to this learning environment. Being able to dance, stretch and enjoy the uplifting words of a song can provide the necessary encouragement to finish homework time with a smile.

Encourage Healthy Movement

In the age of technology, most children are glued to an electronic device of some sort for a few hours a day. Televisions, mobile phones, tablets and laptops have replaced outside activities, making it difficult for parents to ensure that children are receiving the appropriate amount of exercise. In this instance, listening your favorite songs and moving along to the beat allows for parent/child bonding time and serves as a great source of healthy movement. Heart rates rise while dancing, endorphins are released, and the best part of it all is that it doesn’t feel forced. Music is said to unlock self-expression, resulting in it being one of the best forms of exercise around.


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