5 Budget-friendly Tips for a Memorable Memorial Day
May 10, 2018

It's the official-unofficial start of summer! You've weathered the winter and now it's finally time to celebrate the return of warm weather and sunshine! Your feelings are lavish and extravagant, but your budget? Not so much. What's a mom to do? Don't be discouraged! There are still plenty of great ways to celebrate well and still leave a little money in your bank account to finance the rest of summer's grand adventures! Here are 5 ideas to get you started:

1. Get Outside! This time of year it feels like all of nature is also celebrating the return of summer, so get outside and join in! Find a state or national park in your area, hike a new trail, or take a long walk along a river or stream. Set the kids free to explore! National parks offer Junior Ranger activities that are fun and educational and reward kids with a badge and swearing in ceremony for completing them. Just be out and feel the sunshine on your face and the wind in your hair. Let it remind you that the best things in life are free anyway.

2. Plan a Potluck Picnic! Chances are there are other families around you who are also looking for something fun and affordable to do for Memorial Day. Gather some friends and plan a picnic or a barbecue! If everyone brings something, it shouldn't cost much more than you'd normally spend on food for the day, but you can end up with quite a feast! Most of the fun is in being together anyway, so gather your tribe around the table (or picnic blanket)! If the group starts getting too big to organize easily in a group chat, try SignupGenius for free tools to organize your event!

3. Remember the Reason! Memorial Day wasn't originally created as an excuse to party. Teach your kids about the meaning of the day. Plan some time to acknowledge the sacrifices the day is intended to honor. Look for ways to serve veterans in your community together as a family. Offer to help place flags for veterans at a local cemetery. Take a meal to a widow and take time to hear her stories. Helping others feels great and makes a difference!

4. Indoor Adventures! Sometimes the calendar says it's time for summer, but the weather doesn't seem to have gotten the memo yet. If weather prevents your outdoor plans, get creative with indoor options. While everyone else is waiting in line at the movie theater, why not find a new museum to explore! Not sure where to look? Try this list of 15,000+ museums around the country, organized by state. Museums are often free or inexpensive, and you'd be amazed at what you can learn! Take your time, ask questions, and start your summer with a new interest in the world around you!

5. Rest and Recharge! Who says you have to go anywhere? The end of the school year is crazy for everybody. Take your day off and focus on some restful family time. Summer has plenty of opportunities to party and you'll be better able to enjoy them all after a little R&R.


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