Please review what parents are saying about us.

Kids Kare Olive Avenue

Kids Kare Olive is a God send.  I am a single parent of a 4 year old angel.  I am also currently deployed for Operation Iraqi Freedom.  Due to an unseen change in circumstances, I was forced to find my son a preschool he and I would both be happy with.  After searching many schools for a week, I came upon Kids Kare Olive.  From the moment I walked in I was at ease.  I knew where I would put my baby.  I have never regreted the decision I made that day.  Thank you for caring for my baby while I am away, thank you for making his school time one less thing that I have to worry about!  To Mrs. Nicole, the Kids Kare Olive Director, you are the best. Thank You.  Mrs. Nicole has bent over backwards more than once to do everything she can to make things easier on not only Isaiah, but on me.  She has held him close more than once on the times that I have had to leave and reassured me in a way no other could that he would be ok when I was gone.  They are not only good with emotional well being, but with learning aspects as well.  Thank you for making my four year old smarter than me!  Last but not least, I will never forget coming home for a two week leave and listening to my baby tell me the Pledge of Allegience (which Kiddie Kollege taught him) and the way I cried when I heard it.  To Mrs. Nicole and the rest of the Kids Kare Olive staff, a thousand thank you's  would never be close to enough.  Nonetheless, from the bottom of my heart, I do thank you!!!

-Meagan Dean

Three of my children have attended Kids Kare Schools, the first two attended Kids Kare Olive, and both children loved school and were totally prepared for kindergarten the following year, my daughter still talks about Tammy (the nicest teacher ever, she says), and my son began reading in kindergarten and has continued his academic success all through elementary school. We then moved to the foothills north of Fresno. There are no Kids Kare Schools in the foothills, so we decided it was worth the drive to take our youngest son to Kids Kare River Bluff. Although it adds 40 minutes to the morning drive, we have never regretted our decision. Our son tells us about the field trips and about the letters he has learned, and we can see him growing socially and academically. Thank you for making the children feel safe and happy while preparing them for kindergarten!

-Krysten Boele

Confidence, convenience, caring, and reliability are the key components I sought for when looking for a daycare for my three children. I need to feel confident that my children will be well taken care of and fed during their stay at a day-care facility. The daycare must be conveniently located for both my husband and I, and our jobs. The staff must show that they care about kids and are not just there for a paycheck. The daycare has to have reliable days and hours the business is run. During my search for this daycare, I visited several facilities and found Kids Kare Olive to be the daycare with the closest match to what I was looking for. The staff was friendly and very helpful, the facility was clean and odorless, and there were lots of scheduled activities throughout the year. Transportation to the schools is provided with safety taken into consideration. During the summer months, my kids enjoy all the scheduled competitions and the field trips. My kids' stay at Kids Kare Olive has been a wonderful experience for them. I have had several parents tell me that they too had their children at Kids Kare Olive and had nothing but praise for the facility. Kids Kare Olive, my hats off to you for a wonderful and continuing working relationship.

-Rosie Garcia-Gutierrez


Kids Kare Ashlan

Our child Abby has been attending Kids Kare Ashlan for the past couple years now and we could have not been more happy. The staff is wonderful, your childs needs are met at ever corner.Our childs saftey, growth and over all well fair was taken care of beyond our expectations.Mrs. Julie and Mr. Chad run a tight ship and promote a professional atmosphere for the staff as well as a caring enviroment for the children to be in.We have enjoyed ALL of the teachers from Mrs Nancy and Mrs. Aver all the way to Mrs. Elaine and Mrs. Terry and everyone in between.We strongly believe that with the entire staffs influence our Abby is more prepared for kindergarten."It takes a village to raise a child" ! Thank you so much, all of you for helping us ready our child for the world! Sincerly Richard and Blanca Loyd

-Richard Loyd

Our son has been attending Kids Kare Ashlan for the past 3 years during that time staff have been consistent and supportive of our sons special needs. They are very user friendly and willing to assist in any way they can to make our sons experience a positive and also provide a learning environment that helps support social positive interactions amongst the kids. Highly recommend this child care center to friends and family that are looking for child care center.

-David T.

This is so far one of the greatest daycares. The interaction between staff and the children is remarkable and encouraging. They are very patient especially with the special needs children. I have nothing but good things to say about Kids Kare Ashlan. Thank you for taking good care of my children !

-Julissa O.

Finding just the right preschool can be a difficult decision for working parents, but I couldn't be happier with Kids Kare Ashlan! My daughter has now been attending for 2.5 years, and she just loves her school. The staff are all wonderful, super friendly and attentive to all the kids. My daughter has been reading very well since before she was 4, thanks to her awesome teachers. The cirriculum is great, and I love to hear about all the new things she learns. There are also lots of extras such as field trips, special visitors, dress up days and parties that I know will make for special memories. The meals are great too! The menu is varied and full of good stuff; I often wish I could stay for breakfast! Kiddie Kampus is an excellent choice for your family!

-Katherine B.

This place was an absolute blessing! I have great news!! I got an award for $3,300 to got to San jouquin memorial! But, that's for all four years! Please pray that when I start high school August 20, 2012, I will do well and possibly got to Harvard. I am so blessed that I spent the time I did with all of you.

-Jasmine Gomez

Kids Kare Ashland/Millbrook in Fresno JOB WELL DONE! We appreciate such great management and the wonderful teachers at your campus. You have all played such an important role in teaching our children and providing them with a GREAT start towards their future education. Our son has been a student at Kids Kare Ashlan since the age of two and this August,2012 he will turn five yrs old. He was recently te...sted to enter Kindergarten at a private school and out of 36 students tested,our son tested the highest. Thank You to Director Julie Armstrong, Assistant Director Chad Pickens, Ms. Avers, Ms. Enitra, Ms.Tammy, Ms. Nancy, and your entire Preschool staff for all of your hard work, Dedication to teaching, and helping our son make the grade. We love you guys. Mark, Cherryann, Nicholas

-Cherryann Mark


Dear Kids Kare Schools Folks:

   In the spirit of Valentine's Day and acts of kindness, I would like to share with you how much Kids Kare Ashlan, Ms. Julie, Mr. Chad and the entire Kids Kare Ashlan staff have been a blessing to our family. Our daughter Sarah was always cared for by family since birth because I had to work. When our daughter was nearing school age, my husband and I were faced with the dilemma of having strangers watch our precious child for the first time. This shook my husband to the core. If it wasnt for Mr. Chad and Ms. Julie to win my husband's trust; I don't know what we would have done. That was 2009; now 2012 we are so happy and blessed to have Kids Kare Ashlan be a huge part of our family. I tell Ms. Julie and Mr. Chad, as well as the Kids Kare Ashlan staff daily how thankful we are...but you folks should also know what an awesome team you have at Kids Kare Ashlan. Thank you for your valuable time and attention. Sincerely,Mague Elena Tolesa Kids Kare Ashlan parent.

-Mague Toles

I realy miss Ashlan i wish i can come back so much it was realy fun there I met a lot of friends there like one of my best friends cheyenne she has been my friend for about 9 years I have known her since preschool and are birthday is on the same day and I think that is very special so ya I miss you Ashlan and Cheyenne a lot!!!!!!!!!!!

-morgan billick

I love going to Kids Kare Ashlan is the best daycare ever.

-nicole cox

My daughter has going to Kids Kare Ashlan for just about 4 months. She's 4 and we'd been looking for a preschool since last year that would fit our needs in teaching her not just the fundamentals BUT also the social skills she needs for Elementary. Kids Kare Ashlan has a friendly office staff that has made both my daughter and myself happy. Her teacher is the best match for both personalities to enjoy learning, as well as teaching. :) Thank Kids Kare Ashlan for making the start of a my daughter's education a great one!

-Desra Vargas

This place is so much fun! I enjoy this place a lot.

-Jazlyn Quintana

I really miss this place sooo much! I hope everybody remembers who I am. Tell everybody I said hello! Miss you Yani, Jazzy,Tiffany,Haylie, Jaycob, Carlos,Albert,Nathan,Kelsey,and Jayden!

-Jasmine Gomez

My daughter has gone to Kids Kare Ashlan since she was about 2. She has been going there for 5 years. I can only thank the staff for the wonderful care and guidance they have given her. I never have to worry during the day if she is having fun, learning new things and is being taken care of. I love the entire staff at Kids Kare Ashlan, Julie and Chad are exceptional! Ms. Elaine, Ms. Aver and Mr. Brian have been a steady support in our daily lives. Thank you! To all the awesome staff at Kids Kare Ashlan, thank you!

-Diane Billick

I can not say enough great things about Kids Kare Ashlan. My daughters have been going there for nearly 9 months and they have been nothing but beneficial to my children. The teachers are hands on, supportive, understandable and educated. On a daily basis I am able to see the work that is being done and I am able to speak with the staff one on one about my children's day and accomplishments. There is no greater feeling when you know your children are completely safe, cared for and loved. As a child of Kids Kare Ashlan myself, I can personaly speak from experience and ensure anyone that Kids Kare Ashlan is a prime school for education, activity, socialization and dedication to every child that walks through their doors. The Director Julie Armstrong and Assistant Director Chad Pickens will welcome you warmly and deliver the very best care to your child that any great parent would expect. With all sincerity, Kathy Waters

-Kathy Waters

     My daughter Deyzha has been at Kids Kare Ashlan since the 1st grade and she is now in 3rd grade.  Kids Kare Ashlan and its wonderful staff have made her daycare experience a great one.  I commute from Fresno to Visalia for work everyday and my husband has 12 hour work days, so we depend on Kids Kare Ashlan to nurture her and keep her safe while we are at work.  When I drop her off in the morning it is with the confidence that everyone there cares for her as if she was their own child.  I know that they will get her day started with a healthy afternoon snack, homework help, positive interaction with other children and an overall enjoyable experience.  Ashlan staff is always welcoming, considerate and friendly.  Ms. Julie, Mr. Chad and Ms. Maribel along with all the other Ashlan staff provide my daughter with the structure, stability and nurturing she needs and deserves.  They are a godsend to two hardworking parents-when she is in their care we have no worries!  We are very grateful to have such wonderful people caring for our child.

Angelina Huwe

-Angelina Huwe

     As a working mother, child care for my children is of the upmost importance to me.  Having the ability to work with a clear mind, lies solely on the mind base that  my children are cared for to my standards on a daily basis.  After 6 months of searching for an in home day care, and trying one out that failed, I landed myself with an appointment with Julie at the Kids Kare facility Kids Kare Ashlan through a referral at work.  My older cousins along with  my sister and I attended Kids Kare Central West over 25 years ago.  My younger cousins currently attend, and have grown tremendously over the years they have been in attendance.  I decided to give Kids Kare Ashlan a shot after my daughter turned two in January of 2007.  She has been there over a year now and has grown into a little lady before our eyes.  She has had her fair share of bumps, bruises, and tiffs with her little friends, but I have always been notified and made aware of these occurrences either immediately or during her pick up.  I feel safe knowing that she has to be signed in and out, and that doors are locked for a good portion of the day.  Combined with educational activities that we include ourselves in at home and work that is done at Kids Kare Ashlan, my children are going to succeed.  Between the friends she has gained, field trips she has attended, and the vast amount of knowledge she has gained from her teachers, there isn't a better place I would rather have her.


Laura Armistead


-Laura Armistead

November 2004- A  Parent's letter to  the Ashlan team

... Just a quick note to say a big  "Thank you" for all that you did for Nethaniel and I. We really miss having such a great school to attend...... Thanks again for all that you have done not only for my child, but for all the kid's lives that you touch!

-Trina Clay


Kids Kare Central West

Today was the day I realized how great of an education my son got from Kids Kare Central West. When my son first started preschool at 3 1/2 yrs old, he was behind is his speech and a lot of his fine motor skills. When he got his first report card the testing paper was blank. He was unable to count, say his ABC's or colors. By the next report card he improved 50%. By the time he finished the first year of preschool his knew everything on the report card. By the second year of preschool Miss Annie was pushing him to due more. My son was able to count to 20, knew all his colors, ABC's and so much more. Wyatt was also her helper and helped teach the other kids their letters. Wyatt just started Kindergarten 2 weeks ago, his class work looks like 1st grade work. When he comes home from school he is able to finish his homework very quickly. Thanks to Miss Annie, Wyatt is able to count higher then required, knows all his letters and numbers, all his colors and can tell what letter the word starts with. These are just a small had full of things Wyatt has learned in her class. Thank you so much for teaching my son and showing him how much fun school can be.

-Barbara, Carlos, Wyatt

Kids Kare Central West is by far a great daycare center, my son has been there for 3years now. They have wonderful teachers and a great Director Ms. Susan. Everyone is so friendly & nice, they also have an open door policy. The center is always clean, the kids have many different activities to do, they are always learning new things, and they take lots of field trips during the summer vacations. There rates are very affordable, I Give Kids Kare Centeal West a 5 star review :-)

-Kennisha H.

Kids Kare Central West is very dedicated to their students. My daughter was very scared to attend the school. They allowed us to visit the school with my daughter and we left her for the remainder of the day. When we picked her up that evening she was so excited about all the different activities they do I Love the open door policy and security cameras. The teachers do show how they care about each child. The school is clean and my daughter looks forward to going to school everyday. I highly recommend this five star rating school! V. Flores

-V. Flores

I sent my two oldest children here and just recently sent my youngest here. THE ONLY reasons I sent all my kids here is because of the Director, Ms. Susan and the teachers. Some of them have been there for years. They really care about the kids and it shows. They have an open door policy which is re-assuring when your kids just start out and you want to stop by or call to see how they are doing. They have camera's, the doors remains locked during session, which is a calming thing to know. My kids got such a head start for kindergarden, with their colors, shapes, numbers and etc. My oldest boy finally broke out of his shell and became sociable because he was surrounded by so many different cultures.

-Heather P.

To Susan & All The Wonderful Staff @ Kids Kare Central West. I would like to thank you all for providing my daughters Ariana & Angelina Rincon with such wonderful loving care. I know in my heart that everyday that I drop them off they will be in good & safe hands with all of you. There dad & I have noticed that ever since they began day care, they have grown tremendously. My girls love you all. They love coming home & talking about school & what they learned. I know that you will all continue to do an awesome job & teaching my children. We know that we made the right choice on chosing Kids Kare Central West for our day care. Again Thank You so much. We highly recommend you all to parents who are looking for a wonderful day care Kids Kare Central West is the one to go to. Nellie Lopez & Rene Rincon :)

-Nellie Lopez

To Debra and all the Kiddie Kastle staff:

I just wanted to say "thank you."  Thank you for all of your effort in teaching and watching Nathaniel.  He has had a wonderful experience at your center.  He has come home happy and singing since the start of his time with you.  He frequently speaks about his friends and Miss Rhonda.  He has been very happy here.  He has learned different phrases and songs in Spanish, he knows how to spell his colors and he has completed his potty training.  Again, I want to thank you all; especially Debra, Sophie, Tori, Rhonda and Carol.  You have an excellent staff and it reflects in your happy, loving environment.  Thank you for everything.  He will miss you all very much.


Sage Vindiola


-Sage Vindiola

My daughter, Kaprice Allen is a 2007 Kids Kare Central West graduate. She is now a student at Steinbeck Elementary. During the pre-kindergarten assessment test, Kaprice’s academic skill level was very impressive. The assessment teacher who has been teaching for many, many years was very interested in knowing what pre-school program she had attended. I was proud to say KIDS KARE CENTRAL WEST! She was stunned because Kaprice’s reading, spelling and comprehension level far exceeded their expectations. In fact, everyone who evaluated Kaprice for placement, including the child psychologist and the resource teacher all asked, “What pre-school did she attend?”

During our first parent-teacher meeting, Kaprice’s kindergarten teacher felt that Kaprice had met and exceeded all of the kindergarten requirements and she needed to be challenged academically. After research and careful consideration, Kaprice was moved up to the first grade!

It was obvious that her pre-school education played a significant role. Ms. Betty was instrumental in Kaprice’s academic and developmental success. She was very attentive and easy to work with. Kaprice enjoyed having her as a teacher. Ms. Betty possess skills and abilities that are valuable. Our family is very grateful for the positive energy and effort Ms. Betty has contributed. We understand that Ms. Betty’s hard work and dedication has helped in making our daughter a better student and we would like to take this opportunity to formally thank Ms. Betty !

As a parent, I am very pleased with Kids Kare Central West overall program and learning curriculum. The staff is very professional and has done a great job at encouraging and supporting a positive learning environment. Thank you Ms. Betty, Ms. Deborah, Mrs. Susan, Ms. Sophie, Mrs. Carol and all of the Kids Kare Central West staff. You’re Awesome!

Sincere Regards,

The Allen-Martin Family

-The Allen-Martin Family

First and foremost, I would like to send a huge “THANK YOU” to the entire staff at Kids Kare Central West for everything they have done for my daughter and me. If I didn’t have them for the last 4 ½ years, I don’t think I would have been able to finish my college education and get the work experience I needed to jumpstart my career. With me being a single parent (of my 1st & only child), I was extremely concerned for the welfare and safety of my child.

Do I think that I made the right choice in choosing “Kids Kare Central West?” ABSOLUTELY!! They have provided the most caring and creative experience for my daughter. She initially started there when she was 2 years old. It surprises how much she had learned over the years from going to Kids Kare Central West. She knew all the basics (colors, letters, numbers, shapes, etc.) before she started Kindergarten. The teachers were amazed at how much she knew and it reflects in her grades until now. My daughter is doing exceptionally well in all her subjects and I strongly believe it is due to the guidance & support of the pre-school staff at Kids Kare Central West.

The one thing that the Kiddie Kastle (Deborah & Sophie) staff did for us that I will always remember and cherish. . . .is when my daughter started Kindergarten. My daughter’s home school was Roosevelt Elementary and I had no one to pick her up after her morning class. At that time, Kiddie Kastle was not transporting to that school. I was so upset and trying to figure out what I had to do to ensure my daughter’s safety once school was done. The majority of staff were willing to pick my daughter up themselves just to ensure that she was safe and taken care of. However, I didn’t want the staff to get in trouble since they have done so much for us to make this daycare experience for my daughter a good one. I asked if they could talk to the corporate office or something so that my daughter would have transportation after school. They did (Thank you again, Deborah & Sophie!!) and were able to do it.

I cannot thank them enough for everything they have done for us. My daughter and I consider a lot of them as family since we have known them for so long.

Love ya guys!!

Charlene & Genevieve (7yrs old—grade school student) Mendoza


-Charlene & Genevieve

Thank you for providing my daughter with such wonderful care and an enriching learning environment. Kids Kare Central West, among other things, has offered us peace of mind in that we know our daughter is getting not only the best care possible, but also being challenged daily, preparing her for school. We've noticed that since she began day care, she has grown tremendously intellectually. It not only feels great to know your child is in good hands, but to know that your child enjoys attending Kids Kare Central West. We would highly recommend Kids Kare Central West for the following reasons: (1) It offers the best care possible in a nurturing, productive, enriching learning environment that prepares kids for the roads ahead of them. (2) Hiring the best-qualified teachers that are not only attentive and responsive, but also caring while catering to kids' needs. (3) Offering a nutritional breakfast program that comes in handy for us working parents who among other things want to make sure that our children are getting the best nutrition possible. (4) It offers a school bus system, which enables and reassures parents that their little bundles of treasures are being dropped off and picked up from school safely. We couldn't be happier with the entire Kids Kare Central West day care program!

-Mrs. Bocanegra


Kids Kare Willow

I am so thankful to have Pete and Nathan Ray at Kids Kare Willow. Thank you for all you wonderful teachers and for been so good to my kids. I appreciated everything you guys do for both of my kids specially for my little Ray because Monday is still hard for him to stay. I Personally want to thank Ms.Sony for been so good with Ray and help me out everytime I need her.

-julie lopez

I am sending this email to say  how grateful I am for all the teachers and staff at Kids Kare Willow my daughter Jordan has been going there for 4 years and my son Trey started there when he was 2 and just graduated preschool yesterday.  He did so well at his Kindergarten placement testing he even knew sounds of half the letters of the alphabet which the teacher let me know shows he is ahead of where he needs to be.  Again, I want to thank all the staff at Kids Kare Willow especially Paula, Diana, Miss Jamia, Miss Sony, and Miss Victoria we appreciate all their hard work and dedication to both of my kids and so happy that my son is ready for kindergarten.

-Nicole Cardenas

Well i wanted to thank Kids Kare Wilow and the most wonderful staff for doing a great job with my son alexander while im away in the army ...its been rough thinking about all i am missing out on and looking at some of the pics i just know that he is having a great time! Your a wonderful facility and thank you for everything. Give my son a big kiss and hug and let him know mommy is always thinking of him and will be home shortly man i miss him. Thanks Angel

-angelina eich

I agree with the other parents that posted positive comments. Jacob has been attending Kids Kare Willow for a year and three months already! he's about to graduate from pre-school and start kindergarten - so I'm super happy that they'll help us transporting too! He truly enjoys his friends and teachers, has fun, and learns a lot during his time there. I would definitely recommend this school to anyone in the area. The staff is always professional and kind. The teachers are warm and loving... Thank you Miss Celeste :) Jacob and I will miss you tons :)

-Tina Fitzpatrick

I am writing this letter to let you know what a wonderful staff there is at Kids Kare Willow. The staff is always so friendly and their interaction with the children is caring, kind and patient.  My children have been attending Kids Kare Willow for about 5 years and I have had nothing but a positive experience.  I am truly grateful that my children are in the care of such wonderful people. 


-Rosalinda Castanon

I would like to take a moment to express my profound gratitude for the excellent care your facility has provided for my girls.  You, and Ms. Melissa, and Mr. Art, and the entire staff have all been simply wonderful.  You have all been professional, attentive, courteous, informative, and very capable.  And what great attitudes!  I don't anticipate owning a business anytime soon, but if I did, I would want it to be run as well as Kids Kare Willow is.

As you know, I have withdrawn my girls in order to have greater flexibility for my work schedule.  I would not only re-enroll them in a heartbeat, I also feel like we have been blessed by the time that we have been with you.

I would recommend you to anyone looking for a provider, and I also hope that you will provide a copy of this letter to your supervisor as well.  I want them to know how very pleased I am with all of you.  I trust Kids Kare Willow with my girls as much as I do my family.

Thank you so much for taking such good care of my girls.  There is no way to put a price tag on that.  If we never get to come back, then know that you will always hold a special place in our hearts!

-Jim, Mandy, Kim, and Sarah Barker

To Whom It May Concern:

This is not the first letter writtten in regards to the exceptional staff at Kids Kare Willow.  I wanted to share with you the appreciation that our family has entrusting you with our most valuable possession...our son.  I would like to "sing the praises" of one staff member who is a valuable asset and role model for all the children and parents.  Our family understands that childcare facilities have been typically female dominated.  However, the Ashlan/Willow facility has a male care provider who is respected and appreciated.  Art has a tough job and does this job very well.  His presence provides  children with positive male interaction with sensitivity to their needs.  Our family feels that he is one of the most important influences in our son's life.  Not only does he provide balance, he is able to provide discipline fairly and sensitively.  Our family hopes that Art will continue his career in this area and influence other males to make this career choice.  It would be a tremendous loss to our children and Kids Kare Willow if he were to "move on" in his career choices.  We appreciate his influence on our son, and hope that he makes Kids Kare Willow his career choice.

                          Thank you to all the staff of Kids Kare Willow, Ashlan/Willow!!!

-Ron, Kim and Greyson Staleup

I want to tell all the Special Staff at Kids Kare Willow how wonderful they truly are.  With them, I instantly knew that my children would be well taken care of.  Charlotte is the most delightful and caring individual I have ever met.  She is always warm and friendly.  I can honestly say that the staff at Kids Kare Willow are the most approachable teachers any parent could wish for.  All the staff work so well together and they have made my family feel welcomed.  Art, Velina and Melissa have helped me so much.  A very Special Thank You for all your hard work.

-Isadora Quiroz

I have 2 children attending your daycare facility and my husband and I would like to let you know that we are very pleased with your facility.  My kids are 2 & 5 and we've always had them in a home daycare.  Well hey, they didn't know what they were missing until we brought them to Kids Kare Willow.  My daughter is on the preschool side and she knows her ABC song, she counts to 10 and she just loves her computer.  My son is on the Grade school side and he has his homework done even before he gets home.  His social skills have improved so much.  When my kids come home they have a new story to tell us everyday.  All they talk about are Mrs. Charlotte and Art.  Your staff is so wonderful.  I think you guys are a blessing.  Thank you for taking so much individual time with our kids.

-Derek & Cassandra Watkins

I am very impressed with the care that my son has been receiving from this child care center.  Kiddie Kountry has provided a safe and educational environment for my child, and I thank you for that.  I have experienced different child care centers, but by far Kiddie Kountry is the best!  The staff is to be commended for all of their hard work and dedication to the children.  So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you for taking such good care of my beautiful son and may God continue to bless each and every employee here at Kiddie Kountry.

-Cobrain Sparrow

To: Charlotte Miranda, Director

Kiddie Kountry


It is with deep regret that I must inform you that Savannah Padillas’ last day with Kiddie Kountry will be Friday August 5th, 2005.

As you are aware, during the month of May, I submitted for an Interdistrict Transfer for Savannah to attend Vineland Elementary.  To date I haven’t received a response from the school district.  As the new school year fastly approaches, I am growing weary as to where Savannah will be starting kindergarten and feel, almost, forced to make a decision.  Earlier in the week, I received a response from Quail Lake Charter Elementary accepting Savannah’s enrollment.  After much thought and consideration, my husband and I have decided that we will be accepting enrollment for Savannah.  We feel that this is a very beneficial opportunity for her and with the communication and educational skills that she has gained from Kiddie Kountry, we are confident that she will be successful.

I’d like to take this time to express my sincere thanks and gratitude for all of the staff, throughout the years, that have helped Savannah's transition from a toddler to a young child.  Special thanks to Charlotte Miranda, Director and Melissa Lozano, Assistant Director for their immeasurable support throughout the countless changes that my family has faced the last 3 years.  Without them, without their endless support and understanding I would have never been able to feel confident leaving my child behind as I attended work each day.  Although I move on with much regret, I also move on with confidence.  Confidence that Savannah will not only adapt to a kindergarten environment but also, far exceed my wildest expectations.

-Crystal A. Padilla

My daughter began attending Kiddie Kountry since she was 2 ½ years old. I was very apprehensive at first to put her in a large daycare at such a young age. Almost immediately, all my fears were put to rest. Kiddie Kountry provided a safe, loving environment for my daughter. She attended Kiddie Kountry until she entered kindergarten, at which time we moved her to another Kiddie Kare School that picked up from the school she was attending. When my son turned 2 ½, I had no doubts that I would return to Kiddie Kountry. I have found they still offer a quality program. Now, Kiddie Kountry even assists with potty training. I was concerned about this at first because my son had shown no interest. The staff at Kiddie Kountry has been nothing but supportive and my son is making great progress. When I pick up my son, I'm always impressed by the variety of quality activities the children are engaged in, and the loving interactions I witness between my son and the staff. It is very difficult as a working parent to leave my child up to 10 hours a day at daycare. However, Kiddie Kountry provides an excellent program in which my children have flourished. I would recommend this facility to anyone who is looking for quality daycare.

-Diane S. Welton

As a grandmother of a very active 5 year old it does me good to see that a facility such as Kiddie Kountry has taken the time and the amount of patience that is needed to embrace the children that attend the pre-school and day care. My granddaughter has been attending Kiddie Kountry for almost 18 months. She has graduated from pre-school to progress to Kindergarten. Had it not been for the marvelous teachers and those that help out, I'm not sure she would have been ready for Kindergarten this year. Kiddie Kountry is our extended family. My sincere thanks goes out to all of the teachers and those who may volunteer their time to see to it that our most precious assets are developed and blossomed into good students, but most importantly into warm and wonderful human beings.

-Suzanne Ruiz (grandma)


Kids Kare at the Parks

My daughter Zuri has been attending Kids Kare at The Parks for almost a year now. I am so pleased with how much she is learning. She has Ms. Nancy , Ms. Tonya & Ms. Maribel have been a blessing to us. Zuri doesn't really get attached to anyone and the love she has for Ms. Nancy only assures me that Ms. Nancy has patience with her and treats her with respect. Every morning I drop Zuri off I have this guilt that I'm pretty sure all mother's have, feeling bad and not wanting to make their child stay. However, when Zuri is not feeling too well Ms. Nancy is the first person to grab Zuri and reassure her everything is fine and will be ok! It will never be easy to see or do but Ms. Nancy makes it a lot better! I could not leave with a better feeling. The only concern I have is certain staff not dressing professionally or using proper English in a professional setting in an environment where children reinact everything they see! "Monkey see, monkey do!" That is my biggest and only concern I have other than that I am pleased with Kids Kare at The Parks! Thank you!

-Lennie Holmes

I am a parent here at Kids Kare at The Parks. I have had my children here going on 4 years. I love the staff, they are so down to earth and love my kids as if they were their own. I work in a different city and trust my kids with them 1000%. Ms.Tonya, Ms.Maribel, Mr.Sam, Ms.Betty, Ms.Tanisha, and Ms.Lori, have the patients with my children like I wish all schools would. I have never had a problem here and if I ever had any concerns they help me right away. I can call them anytime with a question and always get an answer right then and there. Ms.Maria is such an amazing cook. My kids love her food. She is always so cheerful and happy to see the children everyday. My son has taken up a bond with Ms.Maribel which is amazing to see since he is a big momas boy. Mr.Sam helps my daughter with her homework daily and always keeps me informed on her studies and main school events. Over all I love the KKP staff. They are like a second family to all 3 of us.

-Kimberly C.

My son started at Kiddie Kottage in March 2005.  He came from a very overcrowded, unstructured preschool.  Since being at Kiddie Kottage, he has really grown and developed many skills that he probably would not have got until later in his life.  The staff helped my husband and I  potty train our son.  That in itself was a blessing.  The entire staff really gets involved with all of the children and it truly shows.  They all welcome new families and children with very caring and open hearts.  I just want to say a humungous "Thank You" to the entire staff at Kiddie Kottage.  You all have helped my husband and me to teach our son to read, write, share with his friends and most important you have allowed him to express his creativeness, and it truly shows in all of the great artwork that I bring home and share with the family every week.  THANK YOU.

-Dannessa Taylor


Kids Kare Sierra Vista

Thanks to the Constant dedication and consistent staff , I have had my daughter with the kids kare family 7 years now. I am glad that I have a place I can depend on. Miss Milissa and Miss Anna have been a part of the staff since the beginning and I appreciate the extra special time they given my daughter, when she needs it. Thanks for being a part of my extended family.

-Cherri C

As working parents of a 3, 5 and 11 year old, it was critical to us to find quality daycare for our children that would address the needs of each age range. We discovered Kiddie Korner, did our research with all the legal agencies one would, and was so pleased to learn there were no complaints or violations. Since joining over 5 months ago, we have been nothing but pleased with our experience. The areas we like about the center are plentiful. They put a lot of the revenue back into the facility making it clean, modern and nice for the children. They include modern play equipment/activities/crafts like our kid's have at home, including computers in all the areas, with no additional charge for any of this! They have a swimming pool, a wonderful large outdoor play area for the children and lots of fun activities through stations so the kids are never bored! They have cool things like snack shop and field trips, and monthly pictures that come through email, again, mostly at no additional charge, and a parents night out! Another huge benefit is that they allow you two weeks of vacation with no holding fee for your reservation. Their customer service is superb and they really work with each family on individual needs and concerns. We feel that Kiddie Korner is a tremendous value, and a quality, well-maintained facility we are so happy we found. More importantly, they take good care of our children, which having peace of mind while at work is priceless! Thank you to all the loving teachers and staff at Kiddie Korner!  

-Keith and Cynthia Harris

We send much thanks and appreciation for the care that you provide to our daughter. Each of you makes a positive impact in her life on a daily basis.

Thank you!


 The Cox family. December 2006

-The Cox Family

Kiddie Korner's staff is awesome.  My daughter, Ivalinn, has been attending for one year and we are so happy with all that she is learning.  I feel that all childcare centers in the valley should use Kiddie Kare Schools as a role model to improve their practices and care of children.  Keep up the awesome work!  Thank you for all you do!

-Kristina Palmer

My name is Nancy Lankford. I have four-year-old twins. They have attended Kiddie Korner since they were two years old. We have experienced nothing but great things from the school. Both of my kids have always had great teachers and have learned so much since they started there two years ago. The twins know their ABC's. One of my kids can count to twenty and the other is not too far behind. They have taught them shapes, colors, and numerous songs. My daughter caught my eye while playing in the yard at home, when she started reciting the Pledge of Allegiance. She knew all of the words. Teachers come and go at Kiddie Korner, but all of them have made a significant difference in my children's lives. I thank all of the staff at Kiddie Korner for all of their love and for taking such great care of my twins.

-Nancy Lankford

As a mother of twins, my children have been cared for by Kiddie Korner, for the last 2 ½ years. The staff has been dependable and consistent in the provision of care for my children. They provide encouraging individual expression with guided activities in a spacious facility that pays attention to details, an emphasis on individual growth and developmental patterns. As a mother, I have been able to leave my children with the facility and know that their needs are being met in a loving and nurturing manner and the peace of knowing if I was needed the facility would make every effort to contact me. Peace of mind is what I do not mind paying for as well as competent staff to care for my children in my absence.

-Lillarose Bangs


Kids Kare Fig Garden

Wyaitt has been at kids kare fig garden since March of 2014. We had a rough start and a couple of rough patches but with the help of all the staff there Wyaitt has apadted to going to school. He loves Ms. Virgina and her amazing food. All the staff are really great. Espically his teacher Ms. Sandra. Looking foreward to more years at Kids Kare Fig Garden.

-Janale Valdez

I made the best decision by enrolling my son (2 years old and 3 months) into Kiddie Kareland. I was very skeptical initially because he stayed at home with our nanny for 2 years. The staff here made me feel very comfortable and gave him the attention he needed. I love how they are so structured where they have activities for them to engage in and play at the same time. He's now going on three weeks and learning to adapt to the new changes as any child would. He's developing his social skills and I could tell he's learning so much because he's always counting to five for me at home! I'm so glad I put him into this daycare. Charla, Kari, Ms. Lupe, Ms. Desiree, and Ms. Sandra are all very caring and wonderful!

-Barbara F.

Love the staff, the owner, the way the place is run. All of my kids have been there since young and we love them, as do our kids.

-Crystal C.

 Dear Charla & Michelle

It has been a wonderful year with you both. Kareland is a great school-Georgia had a great time learning and making friends. The teachers and staff here are absolutely awesome people. I will miss everyone and Georgia will too. We're looking forward to Georgia starting kindergarten-so many good things to come! My deepest thanks to you both for caring so much for each child. I know  Georgia has accomplished so much and is ready to start elementary school because of your devotion, care and support to her and every child under your care. Thank you so much.

With love and respect,

Raymond, Dezy , Georgia and Henry

-Casares Family

Thank you so much for all of your help this year. Joshy's kindergarten year was amazing!! Thank u Miss Kayla and Miss Sue for being so awesome every morning during my drop off time!! Thanks Miss Marla, Miss Lisa and Miss Rosemary (KareWest) for taking care of my Sunshine each and everyday while on the bus! And of course Miss Michelle and Miss Charla I appreciate you both so very much. I trust you with my Joshy completely!! I appreciate every teacher and all of your hard work I know I've missed many names including all of Joshy's preschool teachers who continue to care for him even though he's not on the preschool side. You guys are great!!!

-Sandy Brooke-Kareland

My child has been enrolled at Kiddie Kareland since preschool and is now in second grade. I have been very pleased with the care and dedication of the staff at Kiddie Kareland. They have always gone above and beyond the normal scope of childcare. It has brought me peace of mind knowing that my child is in good hands. Since my husband and I both work full time, one of our worries was how to get her to and from school. With the bus service they offer, they were able to take away that worry. The teachers and administrative staff have been wonderful and we feel truly blessed to have found such a great place for our child. We would highly recommend Kiddie Kareland to anyone looking for a friendly, safe & caring environment for preschool and/or childcare.


Thank you,

Nicole Logan

-Nicole Logan

My family and I moved from Phoenix where we have always had a private nanny. We decided to look at preschools for our 2 year old and had to go through many others before we found Charla and Kiddie Kareland. I work across the street which adds to the convenience, but Charla has been so wonderful and supportive since we first went and looked at the facility. My daughter comes home every day with something new, LOVES her teachers Ms. Vanna and Ms. Desiree, and always is well taken care of while at school. We get greeted every morning by all staff members whether they have my daughter or not, and this is a great feeling to leave with. My husband and I are thoroghly happy that we met Charla when we did because she saved us and we can both go to work with the peace of mind that our daughter is taken care of. Thank you!
Kimberly Olson
Jaxi's mom

-Kimberly Olson

My son has been going to Kiddie Kareland for almost two years. I have never been so completely satisfied or so happy with a facility. It was a journey to find the right place for my four year old son. But as soon as we found Kiddie Kareland I was able to relax and know my son was in great hands. It is hard to intrust your little ones well being while you are at work but the confidence I felt with the staff at Kareland made it easy. I also loved that he was leaning and preparing for kindergarten. I would recommend Kiddie Kareland above any other daycare due to the amazing staff and the smile on my son's face.

-Cristi Pacetti

My children attend KiddieKareland. Jessica (5) & Olivia Jones (3). We have been there for 3 years and absolutely LOVE Miss Mary and Miss Charla, Miss Trish & Julie. Miss Desiree is a love too. My children love it there and act out as the teachers/directors often when they play school at home.  i.e.; Calling kids in when their parents arrive to pick them up, getting the children in line, etc. It is hysterical. Most of your staff is aware of this too and get a kick out of it

-Christine Jones

I just want to say thank you to the staff at Kiddie Kareland.  I have not had very good luck with the daycares in Fresno.  I wish I would have known about this facility 3 years ago.  My son loves waking up every morning to go to school.  My husband also notices that he doesn't seem to want to leave when he is picked up.  So that is telling me that he enjoys his time away from the family, which makes me feel very much at ease.  For any parent it is hard to leave your child during the day to go to work or school, but Kiddie Kareland is such a warm and loving environment.  You always walk in, to seeing friendly faces and bright smiles!  The staff communicates with you by name which is also welcoming.  It shows that they take the time to acknowledge who you are.  I have also noticed that my son seems to be learning new things very quickly.  With the other daycares I didn't seem to notice any changes in his development.  I noticed he is learning his colors and he is talking a lot more clearly.  It has only been a month since my son has been there, but you can see that his skills are broadening with each day.  I love that the kids have access to computers at such a young age.  With the advancement of technology they will get a head start on being computer literate.  It's so comforting to know that my child is being well taken care of and learning so much too!

-Kesha Wafer

I wanted to thank all of the teachers and staff at Kiddie Kareland for working so good with Dh'amonic.  He seems to be learning more and more each day.  All the calls letting me know what is happening is always a great relief knowing you care enough to let me know.

-Dianna Mangione

Our praises could not be higher for the Kiddie Kareland Preschool. My daughter started school in January of this year with some very special needs. Through the loving care and guidance of the teachers and staff our little one has achieved tremendous growth. Bonding closely with Stacy, the Assistant Director has helped her to overcome difficult times, gain confidence and has opened up a new world of enjoyment and learning. Thank you for being here for us and our children.

-Linda Ellish

The impact Kiddie Kareland has had on my three-year-old daughter has been nothing short of remarkable. Since her enrollment, I have seen my daughter transform from a clinging crying child who couldn't be left alone while her mother went to work to a kid who is joyful, laughing, and waves bye-bye before turning her attention to her new Kareland playmates. The nurturing teachers have given my daughter a self-image and self-esteem makeover that has contributed enormously. It has also improved her interpersonal interaction skills with adults. I have noticed advances in her cognitive skills that, as a first time mother, wouldn't expect her to know until two years from now. My daughter can't wait to go to her "big girl" school, every time she knows mommy has to go to work. I would say that we are both equal in enthusiasm for the tremendous experience and reward Kiddie Kareland has become for both of us. Thank You!

-Tara Thomas


Kids Kare River Park

How much more can I say than THANK YOU!!! I absolutely love this school, I haven't had anything but positive things to say about the staff and operations of this school. My daughter has been there since March, we looked at all options and this was our best choice. Office managers Barbara and Kristin have been professional and helpful. I feel confident when I know my daughter is in their hands. I love all the activities she's involved in my interaction with all the teachers has been positive. I will recommend this school to anyone I speak to. THANK YOU AGAIN FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO, YOUR HARDWORK AND DEDICATION TO ALL OF THESE CHILDREN IS INVALUABLE.

-Marina-Gianna's Mommy

When we first started Jared at Kiddie Kingdom, we were so scared.  Scared he would get hurt, scared he would not be able to keep up with the other kids.  But as time went on, I saw the love and patience you all showed hom and he just blossomed.  Thank you all for that piece of mind.

-The Bletz Family

We have truely enjoyed being at your school!  Jessica has learned so much and will do very well in Kindergarten thanks to all of your staff.  Have a wonderful summer!

-Kim and Jessica Criesi

Thank you for all the support that you have given our family over the last five years.  We have been so blessed by God through you and your wonderful teachers.  We will miss seeing you guys and being a part of Kiddie Kingdom.

-The Bewarders

Dear Kiddie Kingdom Staff - 

We want to extend many thanks to all of you who helped make Cohen and Hayden's experience at Kiddie Kingdom great!! Cohen will be experiencing Campus Club this year as he transitions into a big boy 1st grader.  Thank you to all of the wonderful teachers who Cohen has had the chance to meet.  You all will truly be missed.

Thank you again!! 

-The Simpson Family

I love this place! My two sons have been there for over two years and they are wonderful. Adrianna and Michael are the best things that have happened to this place--I feel my children are very safe there--no worries!

-Susan G

My children have been enrolled into this school for three years now, and it's been the best thing that has ever happened to my life as a working mother. I have a 3 year old and a gradeschool child, so my hands are full. I would recommend this child care to anyone. The staff is absolutely lovely. And my children are so happy. It's hard to pry them away at the end of the day. They also have an amazing summer program as well for the kids, filled with weekly activities or field trips that are nothing short of spectacular. I have looked at other facilities in our valley, and nothing compares to Kids Kare. It's been one of the best decisions I made for my family... I love this school!


You really have some wonderful teachers there that have great positive energy espescially Ms. Betsy, Ms. Meche, Ms. Denita and Ms. Barbara.  It's a great feeling to come in the morning or after a long day at work and experience this positive energy and to know my child has been around this all day long.  Teachers who care.  What a great feeling.  Just wanted to share. 

-Tanisha, Helen's Mom

Thank you Kiddie Kingdom for all that you do. Even though my daughter is too old to go to Kingdom she still loves to come visit and see all the teachers and children that are still there. It is such a wonderful facility. My son never wants to leave. We will always be in your debt for what you have taught us over the years. Thank You

-The Bowman Family

It has been a great time with you guys for Isabelle and myself.  You guys are maazing!!  Thank you for all that you have done!  Kiddie Kingdom Rocks! :)

Much Appreciated,

Cynthia Loya 

-Cynthia Loya

My first interaction with Kiddie Kingdom was about 5 years ago, my son at that time was 3 months old and I stopped by the center to see about child care. I was told that my son was too young but Ms. Adriana immediatly gave me the name of 'Find Care', which would help me to locate child care for our infant son. A couple of years later when we thought our son was ready for more preschool type learning, I stopped by Kiddie Kingdom again.  I figured I would just run in and get some information. I got a wonderful tour of the center, a thorough explanation of the teachings that happen at the center, and was introduced to all teachers that I came in contact with during that intial visit. I was told we could bring our son back for a visit when ever I wanted to see what we thought of the facility, which we did a couple of weeks later. I really liked what I saw. I was told we could come back even a few more times to see what we thought of the place. For just a compaison on the initial day, I went to another center which was not a kids Kare facility. I asked for some information and I got a folder handed to me and told I was not allowed to bring our son in or to even visit inside the facility because we had not paid tution for our son to attend there.

Needless to say we have been extremely happy with Kids Kare Kiddie Kingdom.  My son will be attending Kindergarden so will have to go to a different Kids Kare facility. I hope they can match up to all the wonderful times we have had at Kiddie Kingdom. Ms. Adianna, you were wonderful you. You sold me on Kiddie Kingdom that first day 5 years ago and really sold me on the place a couple of years later. I can't say enough good things about everyone there. I always felt confident when we would drop our son off in the mornings.

Thanks again.

The Metzger family.

-Lynette Metzger

To all of you at Kiddie Kingdom,

We cannot say enough positive and wonderful praises for the amazing experience our son Jacob had the last 2 years!  Thank you so much for the guidance, support, instruction and love you showed towards him.  He has grown so much and is excited for Kindergarten.  Thank you for giving us peaceful transitions and worry free days!  We will miss you all!!

With sincere thanks, 

Brian and Carolyn Wilson


-Brian and Carolyn Wilson

 Thank you so much! We are so happy with the organization and creative curriculum at Kiddie Kingdom! We always feel 100% comfortable with the care Nick gets! You're the best! 

-Jon, Jessica and Nicholas Sindell

Hello, my name is Marlene Smith and my grandson is a grade schooler attending Kiddie Kingdom.  Before Kiddie Kingdom, my grandson attended Kiddie Kastle.  I have always been happy with the Kids Kare facilities however I am VERY happy with the Kiddie Kingdom facility and feel this facility should be recognized for their genuine commitment and professionalism in providing such great child care and customer service.     

When I completed the Customer Survey a week and a half ago, I was very amazed of the immediate changes made based on the request of a few parents to open earlier than the scheduled 6:30am time.  On behalf of myself and the other parents, I would like to thank you very much for making this change possible.  Opening up at 6:15am has made a world of difference in getting to work timely.  When Kiddie Kingdom opened at 6:30am, I would run in and drop off my son and race to work so I wouldn't be late.  Now I drop off my grandson at 6:15am and visit with Mrs. Tina for a  few minutes and go about my business.  The 15 minutes has made my drive safer and less stressful on Highway 41 which has been such a great relief.  

I thank Mrs. Adrianna for informing me immediately of this change since she knew what a difference it would make in my life.   The environment of Kiddie Kingdom facility is very hospitable and positive that it is truly evident in the favorable attitude of the employees.  The employees always show the respect and professionalism a business usually lack.   The parents are always acknowledged by a teacher immediately upon arrival and it provides me with great comfort that it is a high priority for the teachers to know which child belongs to what parent.     

There are a few employees that I would like to recognize at this facility since I have had many dealings with them on various business and personal issues.  These employees are very personable and caring to all my needs, that when the door shuts as I leave my grandson to be in their care, I feel so very much at ease and don't have a reason to look back.  I have the upmost respect for these employees since they have always shown the love and care they have for all the children.  This is a very important characteristic to have in the success of this type of profession.  I hope this e-mail helps you to understand and realize that Kiddie Kingdom is one of the best day care providers a child can attend.

The employees at the Kiddie Kingdom facility that I would like to recognize and hope you would also recognize are:  

Mrs. Adrianna (Director)

Mr. Michael (Asst Director)

Ms. Karen (Head Teacher)

Mrs. Tina (Teacher)

Mrs. Daisy (Teacher)

Mrs. Stephanie (Teacher)

Mrs. Janice (Bus Driver)

Mrs. Helen (Bus Driver)

Please note:  There are many great teachers at Kiddie Kingdom and just because the others are not listed above only means that I haven't had the lengthy interaction as I have had with the ones listed above.  

Marlene L. Smith  


-Marlene Smith

My children have been at Kingdom for 6 years. We, like all other families, have experienced hard ships this past year. My wife got laid off and has now found a job that is on-call. We have had to go from full time day-care to part time. And since we don’t know what days she is working we don’t know what days we will need daycare. Adrianna and Michael have done everything to make our hard times easier for my family. They have worked around our schedule as best they can and have really been there for us in this rough time. There is no amount of money that could replace the care that Kingdom gives to my children. They have been on top of my children getting to the daycare bus even when the kids’ school wasn’t. For that I will forever be grateful. Kingdom has lost many great facilitators over the years. If you have gone to Kingdom for any amount of time you know who they are. I would hate to lose Adrianna (because all the good ones get promoted), but I would understand. All I have done is talk about the Administrators, but there are so many other pieces that make Kingdom run. Karen, Stephanie, Daisy, Eddie, and so many others are an invaluable source of leadership for all the children there. They are such great role models for my kids, for that I say thank you. I wish that I could do more to make life for Kiddie Kingdom easier, the way they do for me. If there is any thing I could do to help them I would not hesitate to do so. Thank You for everything that you have done over the years for me and my family. If you are reading this and are still not sure about what kind of program this is-Come ask me. I have been there for awhile; trust me when I say they are the best.

-Brett B

Our children have been attending Kiddie Kingdom for the last 6 months. I cannot say enough good things about this place. The staff are all so friendly, professional, and great with the kids. When you walk through the door, they greet you by name and you can tell they really love what they do. My daughter is in the pre k program and has learned so much, it's amazing. She can't wait to go to school in the morning and always comes home singing new songs and telling me all about everything she learned that day. We transferred from a different daycare center and they cannot even come close to comparing with everything Kiddie Kingdom does for our children. We love them!!

-The Galetti Family

 My boys, Gavin and Adam have been attending Kingdom for several months now. Gavin had a hard time adjusting at the beginning from being watched at home to a daycare environment.  The entire staff has been very helpful wit the transition both for mommy and the boys (-: Gavin and Adam have both grown so much in just a matter of months from vocabulary to social skills, interacting with other children and learning how to handle different situations.  They enjoy all the fun activities at the center.  The skills Gavin has learned will help him make his transition to Kindergarten in August.  Thanks a million to all the Staff at Kingdom...You are awesome!!!

-Leticia Aldaz

in three words.......... i love it............. my kids have been attending Kingdom for a year and they like it so much that they want to go on the weekend.  and I feel that I don't want them to leave next year.  

-Israa Qutob

Kiddie Kingdom was such a godsend for our family. The first preschool we took Max to didn't work out at all. During the course of a month he didn't do anything educational, he never received a cubbie with his name on it, the teachers didn't bother to remember his name, and they even lost him one time! Needless to say, my husband and I were very discouraged and Max was understandably nervous about trying out a new preschool. Thankfully, Kiddie Kingdom was recommended by a friend -- and what a difference! From the get-go, Adrianna and the entire staff made us feel welcome and confident. The teachers understood Max's hesitancy and took extra care to make him feel comfortable. In the beginning we did have many a teary-eyed morning, but Ms. Barbara or Ms. Evelyn were always there to comfort him and Max ended up loving the school. It was always a treat to see why type of projects he did on any give day, he made a lot of friends, and - most important - learned a lot! We are so appreciative and will never forget anyone at Kiddie Kingdom! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

-Nava Marshall

Kiddie Kingdom

Attn: Adriana

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you and your staff for always being so friendly, helpful and for taking such great care of William for the last couple of years.  He has had a very positive experience at Kiddie Kingdom and I have always felt very comfortable with him being there.  if you would like to use me as a reference, feel free to do so! 

Thanks again!

-Jill Crabtree

Thank you so much for  the role that you and all the teachers played in her life the past 2+ years.  Jessica learned to love "school" and I can only attribute that to your dedication to the children.  I am looking forward to have Brandon go through the same learning curve.

-Aletta Lake

Kiddie Kingdom Staff,

Thank you so much for taking such great care of Emily.  She always has a wonderful time at Kingdom and she always has good things to say about all of you!


-The Bernal Family

 To Everyone at Kiddie Kingdom,

Thank you all so much for your loving care you have given my boys.  We could have not picked a better place!  We will all miss you.  Take Care.


-The Keith Family

I have to write to tell someone what a great staff there is at Kiddie Kingdom. My family and me hate to see Miss Suzanna leave, as she was may sons very first teacher ever. Lea and Jeanene are the best, they have been so good to both of my children, my daughter absolutely loves Miss Tory, and my son loves his teacher Miss Josie as well. I am always amazed at what my kids tell me they learned at school today. Without the help of all the staff there, I don’t think my son would be as advanced as he is with his speech and letter recognition. Thank you for having this wonderful team at this school.

-Brett Bowman


Kids Kare West

My daughter has been through 3 other daycare providers since age 1. My first experience (Hand in Hand)was wonderful, but they went out of business. After two attempts in between, I now feel like we have found her perfect fit. I love that on the first day Miss Jessica reached out her arms with a smile and there were no tears. It's now been a month, and my little one (2 1/2yrs) has adjusted extremely well. She always comes home with a smile on her face. What impressed me most was the organization and attention to detail Andrea, Maria and the rest of the staff have. All greet me with a smile when I walk in and out. Children are always on task when I walk in. (My schedule is flexible and I have been in various hours of the day-it doesn't matter-same consistency). Bravo to a job well done Kids Kare West Staff!


My daughter is in her 3rd week with Kids Kare West now and I've noticed quite a change with her behavior since her old daycare. The staff is friendly, they are on top of things, and my daughter gets help with her homework after school. I have to say that she has been very happy since attending Kids Kare West. The staff are dedicated to making the children are safe and in a positive environment. This is something very important for a single parent who relocated only a year ago, I know my daughter is in safe hands with Kids Kare West. Thank you for welcoming us and making this transition for my daughter a good one!


A great big thanks to Kids Kare West. They made my 2 yr olds first day of school a great one. It gives me great peace to know my little boy is taken care of. Keep up the good work.

-Gloria Garcia & Jorge Ramirez

Our daughter Lily started at Kids Kare West when she was barely 2. I cried the first week-she didn't cry at all. She loved her teachers and felt safe with them. I loved her teachers and felt she was safe with them. She graduated and went on to Kindergarten and this year starts First Grade!! When our son Jackson turned 2 he was already familiar with "sissy's school" and couldn't wait to come to Kids Kare West. Again, I cried the first week-he didn't cry at all. He loves his teachers just as much as his sissy and I do! Thank you all at Kids Kare West for providing a fun, safe environment that I trust enough to leave the most precious things in the world to--my babies! Special love to Ms. Nohelia and Ms. Cherie!

-Kelly Puma

We are continually delighted at the staff of Kids Kare West. Our child is always excited to go see her friends at Kids Kare, including the loving staff. I, Melissa, chose Kids Kare because as a child I too attended, and have wonderful memories. We have the comfort of knowing each day our child is in a safe environment, and having fun. The staff greets us each day with a smile, and continue to help make our 6 year old’s days enjoyable. All of the staff at Kids Kare have ensured a loving environment, they become an extended family. I just want to Thank the Staff for their warmth and dedication, and for creating an inviting place for our family.

-Melissa & Adrian Allen

Kids Kare West cares for both of my children. I appreciate Kids Kare West in ways I can't put in words. Everything they do, from the smiles that greet my children when they arrive, to the happy faces of the kids when they get in the car in the evening, tells me my kids are well cared for. I have felt from the beginning that it is almost like leaving my kids with family. The facility is beautiful, the staff is well trained and loving, and the educational environment is great. I don't know what I would do without them…actually I do…I would wish for some place just like Kids Kare West.

-Mrs. McKinney


Kids Kare Madera

This center is a god send to me and my daughter. I am a single mom of a five year old, and like many of us, my daughter is my everything. We h bave been attending here for over 3 years. They have taught her so much, from helping her with potty training, manners, letters and numbers.They are the reason she went into kindergarten with more knowledge then her peers. They truley are amazing and I trust them with her life. I know she is safe here and there is no greater blessing then that for a mother. they are helpful and thoughtful and fix any concern that I have. Before I put her in Kids Kare Madera I had her at an in home center. She wasn't learning, she would just sit and watch t.v all day. That was not acceptable by me. When I took a tour of this place I knew it was the one. All the teachers are friendly and make you feel safe, they have little peopl bathrooms so the kids can easily use them which is amazing. I highly recommend Kids Kare Madera if you are looking for a daycare or preschool here in Madera!

-Kendra Schoettler

My name is Tehzin Alarakhia. My son Nuzayh attends preschool at Kiddie Kountry Club. In the beginning I was really nervous about sending my son to preschool as many mothers are when the time comes. I looked at many schools as well I asked around and I heard about Kiddie Kountry Club. There are not enough words to describe this school. They are great. The teachers and staff are so welcoming, patient and warm that I knew this would be a great school. Nuzayh(my son) loves it there and always comes home with stories about the new songs they sang, the activities, and what they have learned that day. His vocabulary has improved tremendously as well as his drawing and writing. He is always counting and singing his songs in the shower and is always so proud. Even though I work with him at home, the school has done far more for him. He has become a lot more independent and every morning is ready to go. 

Not only is this a great school for my son but also for me. Every morning when I drop him off, I am comfortable and I know that he is safe and that he will have a good day. I know that he will be learning not only academically but also with social skills, mannerism and right from wrong. These are things we all teach our children at home and in their everyday lives but are also reinforced at the school which is great. They make learning fun which makes the kids want to learn even more.

Kiddie Kountry Club is wonderful and I am so happy that my son is a student there. When you are there you feel like you are a part of a big family not only for your child but also for you. The kids come first and that is what I love about it.

-Tehzin Alarakhia

I cannot express how thankful I am that Kids Kare worked with me yet again! Having child care is a necessity!! My step-son Harley came to this daycare and graduated from preschool in 1998, then my daughter started in 2002 and still attends during the summer and loves it.   My son is in your full time preschool program and will continue to  attend when he starts kindergarten next year.  We are very very grateful and thankful to Kids Kare. 


-Lauren Drake

The purpose of this correspondence is to express my gratitude and appreciation to the Kiddie Kountry Club staff in Madera, Ca.  Kiddie Kountry Club has provided a safe and clean environment for both my son and daughter for many years.  My son was enrolled from 2001 to 2007, and my daughter from 2006 to present.  My children have received excellent child care which has provided my wife and I with a peace of mind, knowing our children were and are still cared for.  The staff have always presented themselves as professionals.  They have demonstrated caring work ethics on a consistent basis.  On several occasions I failed to notify them I was going to pick up my kids, which resulted in Kiddie Kountry Club immediately contacting my wife and I to help locate my my kids.  The staff at the center have become pretty close to our household throughout the years.  They have provided families with the opportunity to enjoy special evenings together, such as Valentines Day, by providing additional childcare services at night at no extra cost.  In closing I would just say thanks to the staff at Kiddie Kountry Club for caring and making my required childcare needs a pleasurable experience.


-Benny Rodriguez


Kids Kare River Bluff

KKRB has taken care of my daughter for 2 1/2 years- I can't imagine taking her anywhere else. The moment I walked into the facility I could feel that my daughter would be in a safe but fun environment. She's learned so much since she's been there and I have every confidence she'll be well prepared for school. My daughter loves their staff, lead by an amazing director, who seem to truly love and care for her as if she was their own. On top of all the great care we receive from KKRB, their rates are low and include all her food, activities, field trips, holiday parties, etc. I would and have recommended KKRB to anyone in need of an amazing daycare/preschool.

-Erin G.


We (Tom & I) just want to thank you for all that you do for our kids Tommy and Garrett Schiebelhut.  They both truly love being at your school.  We know you work hard every day and appreciate all your efforts!!!!  Being a teacher myself I know that each and every day is a new adventure.  Thank you for always having a smile on your face and making us really feel like you love our kids.  I know that some days can be harder than others, but by seeing the positive looks on your faces and comments we would never know if you were having a hard day or not.  That is so important for the eyes of all the kids at River Bluff.  They feel what you feel and it shows.

With the heat rising so quickly we thought the staff could snack on a cool ice cream delight!!!  We wish we could give more for all that you do for our kids and the rest of the kids at River Bluff!!!!  Have a great Teacher Appreciation Day!!!!

Thank you,


Karyn Schiebelhut

2nd Grade Teacher

Riverview Elementary



-Karen Schieblehut

Thank you so much for providing Alyssa and Aesia with a warm, welcoming and fun filled environment! They both enjoyed their time at KKRB and I appreciate the staff's friendliness and professionalism. I only wish that the RiverBluff location had transportation to Mountain View Elementary so they would be able to continue at your facility! Thanks again for a great experience. Sincerely, Pam Diaz

-Ms. Lea and Ms. Beth,

KKRB Staff-

Thank you very much for giving my husband and I a much needed night out.  The boys were so excited to come in their jammies and play! What a very generous idea.  I can only imagine how exhausted the staff must have been- but one would never know because of the smiles that are given.  We're so grateful to have them both in your care.  Keep up the fantastic work and enjoy your upcoming holiday.

With Love,

-The Hicks Family

Dear Lea and team,

In thinking about the things we are grateful for (which I need to do more often), a big one that pops up in my mind is you all, especially Ms. Leslie, Ms. Danica, Ms. Alisha and now Ms. Sherry. Like any parents, we love and adore our kids and want the best for them. I feel like there are lots of options in Fresno for childcare/preschool and I am so happy that the Mom by the pool a year a half a go told me about Ms. Leslie and Kids Kare. You blend loving care/friendship with creative art/play all while weaving in the academic training necessary for the kids to be adequately prepared for kindergarten.

Ms. Leslie is a wonderfully caring person who is patient and kind. I have enjoyed getting to know her on a personal level. Knowing her has enhanced our family in many ways. She’s gifted with each child and she’s real and loving. She does her best and we appreciate it so much. Ella really really loves her and has learned so much in their time together. She just turned 5 and while she probably won’t be reading tomorrow, she’s not that far away from being able to! I think Ella is smart, but I also think Ms. Leslie has taught her well.

Ms. Danica is calm and sweet and friendly and always there welcoming Jack and Ella. Again, it’s this accessibility, this friendliness, this accepting and welcoming nature that I love.

Ms. Alisha taught Jack for a relatively short time as he recently moved to Ms. Sherry class… Ms. Alisha was Jack’s first teacher/caregiver besides me and his Dad. He transitioned beautifully to the world of school, partly due to his easy going nature, but also because Ms. Alisha was sweet and caring with him. He’s flourishing, became potty-trained (a million thank you’s for that help!) and is a great little guy who is exploring the world beyond Ella our family. He’s becoming his own guy and that is just something to watch.

Ms. Sherry sent Jack a Christmas card. He thought that it was so special. He carried it around for part of that day and asked me a couple times if Ms. Sherry sent it, as if he was in awe of the amazingness of such a thing. Maybe he just forgot, but nonetheless, his little heart was touched and for that… THANK YOU. Ms. Sherry seems to have a passion for this work, she seems organized and knowledgeable and just super friendly. Jack really likes her and that’s good enough for us.

So, thank you everyone at Kids Kare River Bluff. You guys are the best. Your place in our kid’s lives is such an important place. Everything relating to Jack and Ella especially a teacher/care giver, we consider and reconsider and then think it through again. When we think of your care and creativity, we have no doubts, no red flags and no worry. This is gives us a sense of peace and satisfaction and for that we are grateful.

Thanks so much to the whole team. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Monica and Matt Colby

-Monica & Matt Colby

We decided to continue sending our daughter Cambria Smith to Kids Kare River Bluff because she continues to excel in learning, she is happy with the environment, she loves her friends, and she loves the entire staff, the center also has been a blessing for my family. Since my husband and me both work full time, we know she is in the best of care at Kids Kare. Everyday, Cambria brings home something unique that she has made or created. The food is also delicious and nutritious at Kids Kare, another important factor about Cambria’s school is that she is completely potty-trained thanks to the wonderful teachers. I did not know where to start with potty-training techniques and Kids Kare came to the rescue! I could go on and on about the wonderful things and learning experience Cambria is receiving at daycare.

Thank you for helping my Cambria continue to grow wisely Kids Kare River Bluff! Sincerely

Renee and Brannan Smith


-Renee and Brannan Smith

My son has attended Kids Kare Riverbluff for the past year and was graduated from the preschool program in a ceremony last night.  We looked at many daycare/preschools before we chose your program. At his previous preschool he cried every day; he did not have any friends, and was not learning anything.  In the past year I have watched him grow and blossom.  He now has many new friends and has done very well academically, including the ability to sound out words to read.  He is excited about going to Kindergarten in August. Your program has exceeded my expectations.  I appreciate the love, care, and learning atmosphere your school provides and I want to say a big thank you to your dedicated teachers and staff.

-Elaine Byrd

I just want to thank the entire staff for the wonderful job that they do everyday.  My son Nizo just started attending this year and I am amazed at what improvement he has made.  He has not only matured in his personality, but also his vocabulary skills are amazing and he is learning to write his name at the age of 3 which is amazing to me.  Ms. Maninder (his teacher) is wonderful and caring with him and you can tell how much she loves being with the children in the improvements that my son has made.  I am grateful that I decided to change his care provider and that I chose Kids Kare River Bluff.  I know that by attending your facility he is well on his way to be prepared for whatever is next in his young academic life.  Again, I cannot thank you enough for all the love and caring my son is receiving.  I will definitely recommend Kids Kare to everyone I know.  I cannot thank you enough.

-Letty Shamma



I have been spending a lot of time lately researching different ways that I can help do my part in the fight against bullying, my daughter is only 11 years old and is being teased on a regular basis by her classmates.  At first I thought it was nothing to be alarmed about, but it seems to be getting worse.  I have recently become even more concerned after seeing several stories on the news about other children being teased and some of the tragic outcomes that resulted from it.  I guess I just wanted to extend a personal thank you to you for your resources and also to others who are giving parents like myself some useful information to work with.  Much of the info I found available on your page ( is helping me to decide my next step as a parent.
Thank you for all you do.
Best Wishes


As a single mom, finding the best day care for your child is very important.  I placed my son in an all day state preschool program which I was referred to by a few of my close friends.  They loved the teacher that was in charge of the program, by the time I had enrolled my son the teacher was no longer there and a new teacher had taken her place.  I was very disappointed but thought it only fair to give it a chance.  My son lasted 6 weeks and it was a very horrible experience for the both of us.  Everyday I picked him up there was nothing but negative things they had to say about him.  He came home telling me that his teacher was always mad, I  couldn't understand how he could be so different at school then he is at home.  So, I started to look for a new preschool program, I went into Kids Kare West and the staff was so nice, I explained my situation and they had a 1/2 day preschool program which I thought it would work out great for him.  He started the very next week and the next best thing was that the teacher  Mrs. Josie that I had been referred to in the beginning was the supervisor here for the all day program, which made me happy!!  After a month in the 1/2 day program my son started the all day preschool class learning, singing, having fun and loving it.  He loves his teachers Ms. Megan and the entire staff, they are all very friendly, encouraging, positive and wonderful to him.  Jordan loves going to school and has learned so much in such a short time and for that I am forever greatfull.  They have maked this a great place for kids to be safe, learn and having fun.

-Michelle and Jordan Gonzalez

Our son Logan has been going to Kids Kare West for 2 1/2 years.

Although all of Logan's teachers have been wonderful, I am very pleased with his current teacher and the lead classroom teacher Ms. Josie. She brings with her a strong educational back ground and understanding of childhood development skills for each age. I think Logan has flourished under her teaching. She also brings structure to the classroom.

As he prepares to enter Kindergarten, I look back at all the skills that he has learned. In particular right now, I notice a strong improvement in his writing and coloring skills. Ms. Josie has been working hard with them on learning to write all their letters. He is also, starting to draw pictures of houses, the sun, flowers, our family and to take great pride in coloring in the lines.

Ms. Josie has also worked with them on their phonics skills. Logan is interested in playing educational games on the computer. The first time he asked to work on our home computer I was amazed at his handling skills of the mouse.

They learn lots of songs too. The first time Logan sang the Pledge of Allegiance it was very moving.

The other thing that is really good about Kids Kare is the staff welcoming each child and parent in the morning. If a child is having a difficult morning, they are there to comfort them.

I also, think that they feed the children well - Ms. Angela, the cook is amazing. It is nice that they provide a full breakfast in the morning to start the children's day off right.

Lastly, I think the theme weeks, field trips and guest speakers are very good. They tie activities/food/learning into the theme of the weeks. Also sometimes, they take field trips that are centered on that or that pertain to the time of the year. Kids Kare also will have guest speckers come to the classroom to enhance the learning experience.

I conclusion, I would like to thank all the staff who has made a difference for Logan at Kids Kare West.

-Natalie McCarty

I just want to say that Deborah Allen as well as all the teachers have been great! Both of my boys love attending daycare and adore their teachers. I just want to say thanks.

-Isabel Barrientos

My daughter just started going to your daycare a few months ago.  Choosing a daycare is never easy.  Even though she was having a good time when I left and when I came to pick her up, I was still unsure more or less because of the set up of the rooms.  Until Hanah's aunt picked her up from school one day.  All of the kids were calm and doing something constructive.  I am now 100% that I have my little one in the right school.  I just wanted to send a big thank you to everyone at Kiddie Kare for working so well with my daughter each day.  Now when Hanah's aunt is ready to put Aaron in daycare, she has no doubt where to put him.  Thank you again.

-Danyelle Fisette


Kids Kare Owens Ranch

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