A story about growing up and learning in childcareÖ
Mar 07, 2006

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When David started attending Kiddie Kountry two years ago he was unable to speak and had no social skills. He was unable to do individual activities and never joined in group activities.  His behaviors were a bit of a challenge for his mother and the staff at the center. Davidís mother was concerned and sought medical advice from his pediatrician. He was diagnosed with borderline Autism. The staff at Kiddie Kountry and Davidís mother have worked together as a team to provide the best possible learning environment for David. They decided to let David learn at his own pace and just guide him through school.  Since then David has learned to speak and is able to communicate with other people. His social skills have improved and he has now made friends.  He is now able to recite colors, shapes, letters and many different concepts that he has been exposed to. Davidís mother feels as if Kiddie Kountry is a second home for him. She is very appreciative toward the staff and thanks them for all their hard work and dedication toward her son. The staff at Kiddie Kountry look forward in seeing David progress into Kindergarten and will be there every step of the way to help him succeed in school.

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