Celebrating Martin Luther King Jr.
Jan 22, 2021

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 Martin Luther King Jr. is apart of our history because he changed it, he believed so strongly in equality. So, in honor of him we wanted to emphasize his dream and his beliefs a little more this week with a couple of activites. The first activity was an egg project. We showed the children one white egg and one brown egg. Then, we asked the children what they thought was on the inside of the two eggs. Many had predicted that the brown egg was going to have a brown yolk. From there, we cracked the two eggs to show what was on the inside. The children were so amazed that the two eggs both had the same yolk on the inside. Proving that we all may look different but we are all the same on the inside. We also did an art project where the teachers laid out a variety of skin colors and allowed each child to chose which skin color they'd prefer. We then painted our hands and made a handprint artwork. Such a special lesson that was taught this week. 

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