Transportation Week!!
Jan 15, 2014

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From cars to trains, planes to horse drawn carriages, this week was all about things that go!  The kids had a blast learning about the different types of transportation and matching them with where they can move - such as in the air, on the land, or on the water.  Our youngest kids also made a cooperative Color Train where they each helped create the colorful choo-choo and then chugged off on grand imagination adventures.  They created their own roads and favorite types of ways to move.  Finally, we extended our discussion on boats into math and science and experiemented with how boats can float on the water instead of sinking. 

We also learned about the letter O this week and reinforced the "ooooo" sound by making Our Own Octopus, with "O" tentacles.  This was such a fun activity and educational too, as we focused on not just the sounds, but on improving fine motor skills by cutting tentacles and gluing "o's". Everyday fun equals the best kind of learning at Kids Kare! 

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