Our own friendly African jungle
Jan 30, 2008

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Our children had a great time learning about Africa and its culture. We had a wonderful time creating our own safari animals. Now, we have a jungle in our center. The children all helped create it with lots of fun and hands on activities. Now our “Jungle center” has an elephant, two giraffes, a crocodile, monkey, lion and a tiger. We also have trees, vines and a hut. In each class the children chose the animal they would study and create. Then they put the project together using boxes, cardboard, and other recycling materials. Children had a blast getting their hands all into the papier-mâché while creating the animal’s body, paying attention to the special features their safari animal owns. They then painted the animal and decorated it. The projects took about 2 weeks to finish and they turned out GREAT!!! We love “living” in our own friendly and cheerful African jungle.

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