Sierra Enchanted Cat Haven
Jul 23, 2007

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Today our enthusiastic young students got a really special treat when they set out to discover the Enchanted Cat Haven. This beautiful habitat allowed the kids to meet some big cats up close and personal while learning a thing or two about them as well. The children were split up into two groups and rotated stations. One group got a fun filled classroom and hands on lesson where students learned how to interpret animal tracks, look for tracks on the property, and made a plaster case of a cat track to take home. The other group explored the cat cages. During the trail on which the cages are seen the kids got to see wild cats such as leopards, bob cats, jaguars and more. Each time one of the animals came to greet the crowed the kid’s eyes lit up with a little fear and a whole lot of excitement. All of the students were truly “enchanted” by the experience .Their eager questions were answered by the friendly and knowledgeable tour guide. Today was an educational and adventurous day for the kids and teachers alike.

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