It's a Bug's Life
Apr 24, 2020

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 We have ladybugs! We're learning all about ladybugs and nature. We have a ladybug house where we can keep them safe and healthy for a couple of day, just so we can observe them. We use our magnifying glasses and magnify each ladybug. During this observation, we've noticed that each ladybug has different amounts of spots. We have also learned that they have wings to help them fly and, in nature ladybugs find their food on plants. Once we finished studying our ladybugs, we took them outside to release them. Some of us got to hold them, and all they did was crawl around our hands. Some of the ladybugs flew away as we released them. We have learned so much about lady bugs and are so excited that these ladybugs were released in our yard.  

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