Happy St. Patrick's Day!
Mar 17, 2020

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 We've desigend our own leprechaun traps. We read books on leprechauns and learned what they like.They like gold! We also learned that leprechauns are small and tricky, so it would  be hard to catch one! So we brainstormed and made our own leprechaun traps. Some of our traps had a rainbow leading into the trap and some had gold glitter in hopes the leprechaun would be attracted to it. But, this morning we did not find any leprechauns and none of our traps worked. Instead we found his green footprints and his green sparkle throughout our center! And it turns out the leprechaun isn't such a bad guy because he did leave some of his gold behind to share with us. Nice try, hopefully next year we'll get him! 

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