The philosophy of  "Fun While Learning" at Kids Kare Schools is integrated throughout our facilities. Progression through developmental stages is unique to each child and at Kids Kare Schools we recognize that children have individual needs that must be met.  We believe that children construct their knowledge through active exploration of their environment through their senses.  During our program, all the children's senses are stimulated through various activities, i.e. painting, clay, musical, computers, exploration tables and educational toys.  Children are encouraged to interact socially, which helps them learn how to problem solve and communicate effectively.  We foster children’s language and literacy development through puppetry, music, oral communication, computers and storytelling.


Our outside playground allows children to use their imaginations while improving their gross motor skills in areas of balance, coordination, and agility.  Each center’s playground is equipped with many creative structures such as a gas station, train, school bus, and magical castle.  This type of creative play encourages cooperation which is an important social skill.  Children from Kids Kare Schools discover that learning is fun!

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